Why Students Should be Grateful for Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos understands the issues that come from public schools. She has seen how they can be detrimental to students and she wants to make them better for everyone who has the chance at an education. She knows a lot about the right way to educate children and sees that public schools are not doing it in the best way possible. Because of this, she has spent her career working on alternative options for students to learn what they need to learn. She knows all about the right things she will need to do to make a difference so she can use them to increase the chances of success each student has while they are still in school. A basic education is a huge foundation for success for students in all areas of life so Betsy DeVos wants to make the best education possibilities happen for students from all backgrounds in different areas of the country.


As long as people are able to help their children receive a great education, Betsy DeVos feels she is doing her job. As the secretary of education, she now has to work harder than ever to ensure students are receiving a world-class education. She hopes the introduction of more charter schools to public school systems will mean the difference in students graduating and failing at the school they are currently enrolled in. One of the most important things about the charter schools is that students will receive individual attention from the teachers.


Since Betsy DeVos knows what she’s doing, she is confident she’ll have a chance to actually make a difference in the lives of each of the students. She also wants people to know things can constantly change in the education system. In fact, she believes they should constantly be changing so students have the best opportunities possible to learn. Everything students do should be a direct result of the education they have received so they don’t have to worry about what they are going to do or how they are going to be able to actually have a better life than what they had in the past.


Before Betsy DeVos came into the educational system, poor families did not have many chances for their students to choose what type of education they received. In fact, most families couldn’t choose anything that was related to their children’s education. Because of this, students were suffering and were not getting the education they deserved. Since Betsy DeVos did this for all the students, they are now able to get the best treatment possible so they will be able to actually have a chance to succeed in the future as they get older and pursue other opportunities.


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