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What Does Unroll.Me Have To Offer For Its Users?


Unroll.Me is an email subscription management service founded by Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald in 2011. The service is both free and user-friendly, and it helps users manage their subscriptions and junk mail and to have a more organized overview. The platform is intuitive and it prioritizes and organizes emails automatically, offering a cleaner inbox for its users.


Unroll.Me is also available for Android and iOS users, through the service’s app. The company’s Chief Executive Officer Jojo hedaya expressed confidence over the app noting that it is the best way to remove the clutter from the inbox. Despite the app’s capabilities, Hedaya noted that the company is not trying to replace the traditional email client. The CEO mentioned that he wanted to make sure there were separate solutions when it comes to helping customers with email clutter. Get More Information Here.


The idea behind the app is to make managing subscription a more fun process, employing a Tinder-style interaction – allowing users to swipe in order to activate certain processes. Unroll.Me noted that the average user has over 62 subscriptions when signing up for their service, which makes the swiping interaction a useful and valid addition to the product.


Unroll.Me was acquired in late 2014 by Slice, a shopping and package tracking app that is a subsidiary of Rakuten. While the terms of the deal were not disclosed, at the time of the acquisition, had a total of 1.3 million users, which was a spectacular growth from 100,000 users the previous year, making the platform sought after. The purchase also showed an attempt at expansion by the world of e-commerce, given that the shopping platform was now tied with email services and thus wanting to adding more convenience to its customers and making processes run smoothly – making integration a possibility.


Despite the acquisition, Unroll.Me remained a standalone product, Josh Rosenwald noting that the service is popular and well loved and the company wants to keep it that way. Rosenwald talked about the purchase and noted that by joining the Slice team, Unroll.Me can continue to grow and improve its product faster by having access to additional resources.


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