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Vinod Gupta Career And Background


Vinod “Vin” Gupta’s career and success is one intriguing story that shows anyone can make it in life if they follow their ambitions. Vin Gupta has businesses that are worth millions, and while many might want to equate his wealth to his money, Gupta’s wealth is in his efforts to improve living standards. Vin Gupta was not always rich as he started very poor living in a village in India.

His career journey has been full of twists and turns, but in the end, he made it out of the gutters. Vin Gupta has had many setbacks throughout his journey, but this did not deter him or make him a failure. His parents were very hardworking individuals that did their best to put Vin Gupta through school until he finished in 1962. Vinod Gupta did not stop studying here, and he went on to enroll at the India Institute of Technology (I.I.T) to pursue agricultural engineering.

Vin Gupta finished his course in agricultural engineering and joined the Indian Air Force to become a flying officer. He worked in the air force for only three years before resigning. Vin Gupta was lucky enough to score a scholarship to study in America with only 60 dollars to his name. Despite being poor, Vin Gupta managed to graduate from the University of Nebraska with a master’s. See This Page for more information.

Vin Gupta at his first job compiled a list of phonebook that he sold to other companies and he received a lot of money from it. With this money, Vin Gupta established his first ever company in the year 1972. The company was named American Business List, and it grew very rapidly.

He decided to make the company public in 1983 and to date this company is worth billions. Vin Gupta is a true testament to success is not defined by one’s background.


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