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Vin Gupta: Looking Into The Significance Of Business-To-Business Information


Vinod Gupta was born in a small Indian town known as Rampur Maniharan, located to the North of New Delhi. He graduated from the Indian Institutes of Technology, Kharagpur Campus with a degree in Agricultural Engineering. Later on, Vin won a scholarship and immigrated to the United States to pursue his Master in Agricultural Engineering and Business degree, from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Following his graduation in 1971, Vin Gupta joined Commodore Corporation as a marketing research analyst. At Commodore, the task to compile a list of mobile home dealers within the United States was delegated to him. It was at that time he realized the time-saving benefit that lay within the utilization of such expansive lists, where he invested in creating email marketing too, target potential beneficiaries of the business.

Within a short span of time, Vin received many orders thus recognizing the growing demand for business-to-business in the formation which led to the creation of American Business Information.

Vinod Gupta rebranded his firm to InfoGroup USA in 1998. The company has performed well in business within its early years. It began acquiring other companies through the utilization of skills that Vinod Gupta had designed, employed and perfected to reinstate the struggling companies.

Vin Gupta is a business expert who prefers to spend his time in long-term planning than the planning of short-term operational activities. According to Vin Gupta, focusing on the long-run is exceedingly vital in sustaining the success of a business. With the help of his team who handle the daily operations, Gupta can dedicate abundant time for future planning. See This Article to learn more.

He admits that market research and testing is fundamental when considering new products, ideas, and technologies. Great ideas without viable markets quickly become outdated. He shares his Business Lessons to upcoming entrepreneurs, and to take many risks, but be conservative in spending the funding. Cost-benefit analysis is substantial towards any investment.


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