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Victoria Doramus: It Takes A Village To Get Sober

Victoria Doramus was a marketing expert based in both London and New York City. However, today her career title is self-employed and she is working as a recovery expert. She works within her community and focuses on helping others achieve success in recovery. No one understands better than her that getting sober requires a village and no one can go down that road alone. The consumer trend expert‘s main goal is to create an atmosphere where those in recovery are held accountable by their peers while becoming responsible for themselves.

Victoria Doramus, a digital and print media professional, did not receive her education regarding drug and alcohol recovery from a classroom or a book, but from personal experience. Her first trip to rehab was for 45 days, and when Dormas left, she felt she was armed with all the tools needed to succeed. However, that was not the case. Victoria Doramus made many changes in her life, but it was not until she hit “rock bottom” did she truly understand what was wrong and that it needed to change.

According to, in 2016, Doramus spent another 60 days in rehab. In 2017, she entered rehab once again, but it was at this time things began to change. She stayed at a place called Burning Tree. This place was nothing like the other rehab places. They had a regimented schedule of chores, group therapy where each person was held accountable by peers, and AA meetings every evening. When she finished her stay, she moved into a sober living house where working was mandatory as well as attending group meetings and seeing a sponsor. After some time, Victoria Doramus (@victoriadoramus) did get sober and now is helping others do the same.