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Victoria Doramus Is An Experienced Marketer And Philanthropist

Victoria Doramus is a marketer and philanthropist who has a long history of working in both New York and London. She holds a journalism degree from the University of Colorado. This experience gave her a background knowledge in reaching large groups of people.

Victoria Doramus has worked for a number of major companies and marketing agency. She began by working for Stilla Cosmetics as a consultant. This allowed her to understand how to work for a single large client with the goal of helping steer a large entity where she was an outsider. She then went onto work for the Creative Agency. Victoria Doramus has spoken frequently how this job gave her the experience needed to succeed in marketing. She spent three years working for this company, and made a number of important business connections while attending trade shows and working for client. She then went onto work for a number of other companies such as Trendera and Mindshare.

Victoria Doramus has turned her extensive marketing experience towards with philanthropy. She supports a number of causes with her having a personal relationship with drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Victoria Doramus has struggled since a young age with addiction with her using drugs to relieve the stress of her mental illness and high stress career. Victoria Doramus checked herself into a rehabilitation clinic a the age of twenty-six. She went back to a number of rehabilitation programs as she struggled with a series of addictions to different drugs. Consumer trends expert Victoria Doramus was eventually able to stop abusing drugs with the help of a longterm treatment program, AA, and a strong belief in god. She currently uses her marketing skills to encourage young people to begin the process of recovering from addiction.