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Up Close with Jojo Hedaya

Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald are the co-founders of Unroll.Me. They are commonly referred to as the 24-year-olds founders winning the battle against junk mail which they say that their invention was out of personal frustration since Jojo always complained that Josh did not read his emails while Josh claimed not to have seen them. Jojo grew up in New York but met with Josh while on a trip in Israel. Jojo says that their rabbi was the pioneer of their friendship when he suggested that they should be friends as they were the only two individuals with “international Blackberries.” Both found out that they had some coincidences about their life such that they shared birthdays and also had both attended Jewish high schools before proceeding to college. Josh got out of school and despite Jojo being the vice president at Boston College he even did not graduate.

Unroll. Me was begun so as to distinguish the more critical emails from the less important ones through scanning emails in the inbox to compile all subscriptions into a single email and then get rid of the less important ones. This they call “the roll-up’. The better part is that you can program your “roll-ups” to pop in when you are free. Jojo was quite reluctant about investing heavily during the launching of their company as he was afraid of possible failure and thus was more into getting the product out more than an auspicious first time. Fortunately, 1.3 million users have embraced Unroll. Me as they have found it to save them about 300 billion seconds by blocking almost 5million emails.

Jojo Hedaya is taken as the vision, spirit, and strategy of the company’s many brands as he possesses more than a decade worth of experience. In spite of receiving competition, Unroll. Me has had its way in the market due to the fact that it is easy to use. Jojo thus advises,” learn skills because it is always about the value you bring to your team that defines the probability of success or failure.”