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Tim Ioannides Explains Various Skin Conditions And The Benefits Of Vitamin D


Some skin conditions seem to be superficial in the eyes of the ordinary person, but one feels the impact after suffering from any of the skin conditions. According to Tim Ioannides, an experienced dermatologist, and the current CEO Treasure Coast Dermatology, unhealthy skin condition indicates that the healthy life of the patient needs a closer.

Ioannides notes that many issues arise from an internal problem and skin conditions that lead to some patients opting to stay away from people. Conditions like eczema or redness make many patients lose self-confidence, hence developing a reserved personality. However, Tim Ioannides notes that skin conditions are treatable and one should not worry because it’s not a permanent condition if handled professionally.

Tim Ioannides notes that he has encountered different types of skin conditions throughout his career as a dermatologist. Psoriasis arises from the great multiplication of skin cells causing thick and bumpy patches on the skin. The spots are reddish, severe, or mild with white scales. Eczema is a condition where the skin is itchy, reddish, and irritated. It’s a common problem, but complicated in rare cases. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Tim terms atopic dermatitis as a common problem in both adults and children. The skin feels itchy, swollen, and reddish, and the swellings might crack and discharge a clear fluid. However, Tim Ioannides insists that the best cure of these conditions is Vitamin D. Although he offers vitamin D as part of the prescription, Tim insists on other natural sources of the same to his clients.

Tim Ioannides is a qualified dermatologist from the school of Medicine at Miami University. He started Treasure Coast Dermatology 15 years ago serving Florida residents from Martin, Indian River, and St. Lucie among other counties. Tim operates differently from other dermatologists because he makes the effort of seeing the patient himself. Besides, Tim is a Voluntary Associate Professor in his former university where he supports the upcoming dermatologists.

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