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The Remarkable Journey of Doe Deer to Become a Successful Makeup and Fashion Brand Owner

Doe Deere was born in Izhevsk, Russia and as a young girl, she liked the idea of living in the United States. Magazines and materials she read and listened to painted a picture of America as a land of possibilities in her mind. She loved the English language as well as American culture. However, things turned upside down when Doe Deere and her family moved to the United States.

In the United States, they decided to stay in New York City. Many perceive the city as a place you wouldn’t want to stay in if you are not a ‘go-getter’ kind of a person. According to the fashion entrepreneur, the three of them were full of hopes and ready to prove themselves and make it.

Life at the city did not turn out as she anticipated. The noise pollution, traffic congestion and large population in New York City did not go well with Doe Deere but they were ready to take on the life in the city. Before long, they realized that her mom’s savings was not going to last them long. Back in Russia, Doe Deere’s mum was an accountant and she found it hard to get a job as an accountant in her new home because education record transfer was taking too long.

Her mom started cleaning apartments for a living and Doe Deere walked dogs to supplement her family’s income. The new reality affected them psychologically but they pressed on. It reached a point they sought refuge in a homeless shelter, a single room without a kitchen. The three ladies survived through six months in a single room hardly putting food on their table, if they had it at all. They saved little they could get without knowing what the future held for them.

All along, she had a dream of being a fashion designer. Sanctuary for Families came to their rescue and got Doe Deere’s mother a job as an accountant. The non-profit organization also took the young fashion design enthusiast to Fashion Institute of Technology and her younger sister to Columbia University. They started getting into their feet and by 2000, they had moved to a better home, Lehman Projects, though not a place you would wish to live.

She later founded her makeup company, Lime Crime, in 2008 . The company grew rapidly to employee 35 people. She is grateful to America and specifically, those ones who came to their rescue when they were most vulnerable.