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The Features and Benefits of Trading through AvaTrade

There are a lot of reasons why AvaTrade deserves just a little bit of recognition, and it has a chance to make waves in the future. At the top of this list is the company’s history and field of service. Since 2006, AvaTrade continues to be a pioneer in foreign exchange. It currently has offices New York, Tokyo, Dublin and Sydney, as well as other locations. It operates under the regulating institutions of the Central Bank of Ireland, ASIC Australia and the Financial Services Commission located in Japan. On top of these establishments, the B.V.I Financial Services Commission of the British Virgin Islands makes it their business to keep AvaTrade in line.


To open a standard account through this broker, a minimum 100 dollar is required. Accounts have a leverage of ratio of 1:400, along with fixed, variable and floating spreads at competitive rates. Besides all of these spreads, AvaTrade review also offers a slew of order types. These include market, limit and stop loss. In addition, it performs entry and trailing stops.


The features are not the only facts to prove this broker offers top-notch service. The handling of accounts adds a particular amount of value for clients, security wise. Client funds go into segregated accounts. Meanwhile, hedging is allowed along with spread betting. When the MetaTrader 4 platform gets involved, there are no taxes attached to spread betting. As a point of interest, spread betting through AvaTrade is only available to traders in Ireland and the United Kingdom.


Versatility is at the heart of how how this broker innovates throughout the industry, with things like CFD trading for stocks, commodities and indices. However, the icing on the cake turns out to be total transparency regarding company trading conditions. Another useful feature of the AvaTrade platform is its CFD Rollover on contracts.

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