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The Chainsmokers promise to show their fans how they produced “Somebody”

Chainsmokers are definitely changing the production and performance trends of electronic music. This started with the song “Closer” when Andrew Taggart sang. Since then, the duo is trying its best to add a human touch to their songs. They want to connect with the fans deeply by conveying messages related to real life scenarios. Their recent song “Somebody” has everyone talking about their creativity and familiarity with their music genre.


This song talks about people loving themselves they are and acting in their true selves while everyone else is thriving on being fake. An interesting factor about this song is that it incorporates several elements. Even though Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart specialize in electronic dance music, they have included some elements of R&B and pop music. This is what makes this song “Somebody” unique.


Recently, the Chainsmokers released a small clip illustrating the pitch variations used in this song on Facebook. By watching this clip, one can tell the amount of work that goes into producing original and outstanding music. The fans of this duo are very excited about the song. The Chainsmokers have made a vow that they will provide a tutorial to give an in-depth illustration of how this music was produced.


The Chainsmokers’ success as artists has not just come with this recent hit. It is through their hard work and working as a team that they have become successful. Andrew Taggart joined Alex Pall in 2012 when they created this group. Since then, they focused on learning more about electronic music and specialized in making music that resonates well with their fans. Their efforts have paid off especially because they started performing in front of a small audience and now they have an international audience.


As changes continue to occur, the Chainsmokers promise to keep meeting the needs of their fans. They have already revealed their ability to achieve this goal. Since they have already established a broad fan base, they will continue to grow. Their determination to become great in the industry will definitely be rewarding for them in the long run.