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Talk Fusion: A Leader in Digital Marketing

Talk Fusion is an innovative digital marketing company headquartered in Brandon, Florida. It was founded by CEO Bob Reina. The business idea for Talk Fusion was derived when he was on vacation, and he wanted to send a video email to a loved one. He realized the difficulty of sending a video image via email so he thought of a business idea that would evolve into Talk Fusion.

Originally the only service offered by Talk Fusion was a video emailing service. Today the company offers a diverse digital marketing package to its clients. Talk Fusion also provides video conferencing, broadcasting and social networking products to go along with their video emailing capabilities. These capabilities have allowed Talk Fusion to grow in size and wealth. This has allowed the company to give back to the community. An example would be offering their services for free to certain charitable foundations such as animal shelters.

Talk Fusion received the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation. The company earned this prestigious award by developing innovative, exceptional products. They were awarded specifically for their new video chat product. The qualifications for winning were based on the products ability to fuse data, voice and video communications in a vastly improved manner.

WebRTC was the technology behind Talk Fusions digital marketing products. The innovative technology allows the user to communicate face-to-face with any digital device. The app is available on iTunes and Google Play, and the software went live in March 2016. Talk Fusion only sees these accomplishments as the beginning of more opportunities for growth and innovation. They are offering free trials on their WebRTC Recorder and have launched a new site called The future is promising Talk Fusion.