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Roseann Bennett Of Centre Of Assessment And Treatment

Roseanne Bennett is a marriage and family therapist; she has experience in case management, treatment planning, and crisis management. Roseann Bennett worked together with her husband and founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment, and also a nonprofit mental health agency.

Roseann Bennett explains how his career made her in the current situation, and she tells me that she had wanted to help others and make a positive change in marriage and families. Bennett studied in Seton Hall University and obtained a master degree in Psychology, later received a specialist in marriage and family in education degree. She is happy with her profession since she has helped individuals from different backgrounds. Visit This Page for additional information.

Roseann tells where she got an idea to come up with her company, she had worked in the community for a couple of years in-home therapy and that’s where she got her idea. Home therapy one could wait up to six to nine month to see the therapist especially to those who had low income, and it was difficult for them to visit health service. Roseann’s Center for Assessment and Treatment is for everyone even to those with low income; their business is to heal people by providing them guides that will improve them. Her organization mission is to treat and advocate people from the walk of life.

Roseanne tells the future of therapy, she believes that the future of treatment is very bright. The organization offers a scholarship for mental health students to finance their education; they will also be helping high scholars who are going through social work, psychology and mental health with financial support this would encourage student whose goal is to influence individuals positively.

Field of therapist will withstand the rise of “Telemedicine” and patient will interact with the therapist through an electronic device which will help old people and disabled since they can’t walk around. She believed people would see a therapist in person


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