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Rocketship Education Is A Great School – Don’t Listen To The Nonsense

Rocketship Education, a vast charter school nexus found all across the United States mainland, is one of the most successful schools of its kind around America. Under the guidance of co-founder and chief executive officer Preston Smith, Rocketship Education’s success hinges on three simple principles:

  • Thanks to the power of technology and education’s hottest software, Rocketship education’s K-5 student base benefit from having personalized lessons channeled directly to them through school-supplied tablets, computers, and other high-tech devices. Unlike other schools, Rocketship’s regular use of such devices – some administrators of other systems believe that the tech market’s latest devices and software aren’t a good idea to let kids use – has helped the charter school network consistently earn their surrounding neighborhoods’ highest test scores.
  • Parents are seemingly always interested in their children’s education more than kids are invested in their education themselves. However, few schools – if any – invite parents to interview new faculty and staff members, regularly pen reviews of their children’s teachers and send them to administration to maintain consistent quality, and even are required to invite teachers into their homes so instructors can better understand how they might learn most effectively.
  • Students are subjectively studied by instructors and objectively analyzed by computer software to determine the strong suits of each student. Students want to learn more whenever they excel in what they’re doing; developing kids’ strongest individual talents can accomplish just that.

Even though Rocketship Education is lightyears ahead of similar schools, it sometimes receives more criticism than other educational facilities

Charter schools are unarguably more strict in how they divvy out time and classroom setups to students; after all, such time allotment strategies are one of the biggest reasons why they typically perform so well.

However, NPR criticized the system for various so-called, wrongly-named wrongdoings. EdSurge bounced back at NPR and defended Rocketship Education shortly after the mid-2016 slam piece was published online by NPR and supported Preston Smith’s school’s semi-extensive use of technology in its daily personalized learning efforts, sharing that NPR failed to compare Rocketship’s strict schedule to other charter schools, and further said that NPR was not fair in comparing Rocketship’s and other schools’ intervention-program teachers’ standards.