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Robert Deignan Helps Fix Technology

Technology has come a long ways in the last two decades, and now most households have numerous devices at their disposal. Unfortunately, there still exits a technology curve among older individuals. This is where Robert Deignan comes in with his company ATS Digital Services. This is a company that specializes in trouble shooting technology, and even boasts the capabilities to perform service remotely. During a recent Ideamensch interview, he elaborated on the origins and outlook of his company.

Growing up, Robert Deignan always demonstrated a personal drive to go above and beyond. He was active in local sports, and to this day still competes in fishing tournaments. His first job was at an Anti-Malware Software Company, where a certain incident one day changed the course of his professional life. He encountered a customer’s device that would not accept their software. This lead to an unorthodox solution of remotely accessing the system to remove the harmful virus, and finally putting in their own software. It was this moment when he realized that there was a market for this kind of technical service.

Robert Deignan prefers to start his day with with a running start. He and his friend will hit the gym first thing in the morning. From here, he will get his son ready for the day and relax in his home gazebo. By the time he reaches his desk for the day, his mind is primed for the tasks at hand. The daily workload ranges from internal data analysis to working with partners. He has a positive outlook for the future because the number of potential clients is only growing as technology spreads.

Learning how to use even the most basic of devices can be hard for some clients, but people like Robert Deignan are there to help. ATS Digital Services has developed a favorable reputation within the community, and they continue to see a constant stream of clients. Robert Deignan takes a methodical approach to his business to ensure its always on a growing path.