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Paul Herdsman Is An Entrepreneur Who Makes A Living By Solving People’s Problems


Paul Herdsman is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of NICE Global, and he has been working in the consumer software and online customer acquisition sector for over a decade. He has always been a problem solver and is gifted in the fields of marketing and sales. NICE Global is a near-shore company that offers business solutions and is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica.


Before creating NICE Global, Herdsman admitted that his company was outsourcing work to a spread of countries. This was becoming increasingly difficult and creating stressful situations as well as putting a strain on the company’s internal resources. Herdsman was born in Jamaica but really had no experience with creating a business there before he did so with NICE Global. Herdsman gives a lot of credit to the company’s Jamaican associates for helping to put the company together.


Paul Herdsman likes to stay flexible on a day-to-day basis and tries to have fun with everything he does. In a recent interview, he was asked how he brings his ideas to life, and he revealed that most of his ideas come to him when he is not at work. Being the humble man he is, he highlights his business partners as being extremely helpful by listening to his ideas before he moves forward with them. Before implementing his ideas on a larger scale, Herdsman likes to try them on a smaller scale first. Go Here for more information.


Paul Herdsman has been able to stay productive because of his ability to not waste time. He keeps his emails and communications short and to the point and doesn’t create unnecessary work for himself or others. He believes that one of the best attributes that an entrepreneur can have is being a problem solver. Most people are just looking to find an answer to a problem they have, and those who can provide it end up being very successful.


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