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Paul Herdsman: Golden Tips For Entrepreneurship Success

The quest to offset and run a successful business is a dream lying deep in many people’s hearts. However, the precise distinction between those who succeed and those who fail continually emerges. This triggers an old but persistently resurfacing question; what makes others succeed or fail? There have been attempts by many researchers to establish research findings as to what exactly brings the difference. However, the results seem to dilly-dally around the same subject. Nevertheless, the illustration of Paul Herdsman, using his own life shades more light.


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Clues to Success


Positive attitude: positive thinking is ideal for problem-solving. Beyond that, be resilient and energetic.


Take risks: none can affirm the viability of an idea unless it is tried. However, there is a caution to make a decision based on rigorous research.


Do what you care about: Follow the passion of your heart to preserve your energy and time.


Have the right team: have the right people with core values to complement and catapult you to success.


No shortcut: success is systematic with well-laid procedures. A successful entrepreneur must be flexible to take more roles.


Learn from your mistakes: mistakes are unavoidable, but extraordinary people accept mistakes, learn from them and cope up with them.


Know your customers: Know your customers in detail for you to be able to provide their specific needs. Listen to their feedback and tailor your services towards their demands.


Deliver above and beyond: Improve the image of your company by providing the best services and products.


Be persistent: Focus on doing all that it takes to ensure you succeed as persistence pays off.


Find a mentor: Have a mentor with whom you share a vision. That way, you will find a source of inspiration.


Say no: It is impossible to pursue everything. Therefore, focus only on the most fundamental aspects of your business.


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Paul Herdsman is the co-founder of a technology-based business solution known as NICE Global. He wins his employee’s heart by making them happy, empowering them professionally and personally and skilled.


Perhaps Herdsman’s success is attributed to his passion for technology and entrepreneurship.