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Paul Herdsman And Outsourcing Operations


In the modern economic climate, the world is becoming more connected than ever before. It requires a massive group of individuals working hard to keep a company competitive.

Paul Herdsman is a man with over a decade of experience in the technology sector. He is COO and Co-founder of NICE Global, a company created to managing outsourcing operations of its clients. During Paul Herdsman’s recent Ideamensch interview, Paul Herdsman discusses the origins of his company and his Business Tips to success.

The concept for NICE Global was born just a few years prior when he managed outsourcing to five different countries. Paul saw potential in a company designed to handle these connections on their behalf. The company was founded in Jamaica where the competition was low, and they could easily expand operations. He formulates ideas outside the office, but once inside, he has a dedicated team that will bring it to life in the best manner possible.

Paul Herdsman prefers to keep his daily schedule book ended with two important tasks. He wants to be there to wake up his kids, and then return at night to put them to bed. Otherwise, his schedule is flexible day-to-day. It can range from researching, to client interactions, or even experimentation. As a whole, he prefers not to waste time. Everything is concise and to the point. Paul Herdsman wants to keep his productivity high, and keep the company pushing forward. Click Here for more information.

There is definitely an audience for a company like NICE Global. They help companies operate within the 21st century business world. Paul Herdsman saw the potential in being a middle man for outsourcing operations, and his business strategy has proven extremely successful. Clients have been satisfied with the level of service. Keeping an open mind and pushing forward are vital qualities to his success.