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National Steel Car CEO Greg Aziz

You cannot explain the National Steel Car development without mentioning the name of Gregory Aziz. This is the man behind all what has taken place in the company in recent times. He bought the company in 1994, and since then he has been doing marvelously, he has pushed National Steel Car’s success to levels that no one would have thought it would get. He has taken over the company two decades ago and now the company is doing brilliantly. Gregory Aziz has been the force that was needed to make the company great again.


Greg Aziz bought the company in 1994. After buying it, he knew that there was a lot that needed to be done to make the company move from one level to the other. The company would no longer be the same under his management. Greg Aziz is passionate about business. He has been achieving all the things he has in life because of dedication to the work of making sure he delivers on any task that he takes over. He has never been a failure in his life. From his time in school to now that he is in business, his performance has always been remarkable. He has left a mark in all the organizations he has been through.


Gregory Aziz loves investments. While in the University of Western Ontario, he took a course in economics so that he could understand the dynamics of investment. He can see opportunities which other people might not be able to see. Greg Aziz is happy that he has taken over the national steel car and it has instantly moved to a higher level. In fact, it has moved to the highest level. Since he took over the management of the company, production has skyrocketed and is now performing better than before.

Greg Aziz took over this company at a time when production was below the normal expected of such a company. The company was performing badly and was seen as a project that would not see the light of the 21st century. Unknown to these people, there was someone who saw opportunities all over. National Steel Car production shot up from 3,500 to 12,000 in just five years. Gregory Aziz is a master planner who does not just take over a company without a plan. He came to this company with a master plan which has so far worked. He remains a motivation to many upcoming entrepreneurs in the country.


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