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Mina Ebrahimi Dedicated to Lifelong Dream Career

Mina Ebrahimi, CEO, founded Saint Germain Catering in 1998. Ebrahimi graduated from George C Marshall High School of Falls Church, Va, in 1989. Ms. Ebrahimi studied the art of culinary and catering at Nova School of Saint Germain Catering for two years. Ebrahimi has been interested in food service ever since she was 11, helping at her family’s bakery.

Mina Ebrahimi first worked full-time for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company from 1991 to 1994 at Tyson’s Corner. Ebrahimi was employed as a general manager and room service supervisor. Right before graduating from high school, the CEO worked at the Saint Germain Cafe at Tyson’s Galleria as Vice President of Operations in her family-owned cafe. Two years before she left the cafe, Mina Ebrahimi founded her own catering service that’s still going strong today. Ebrahimi believes the key to success is to empower her employees to do their best.

As President of Saint Germain Catering, Ebrahimi caters to the Washington, Maryland, and Virginia areas. The catering service handles 200 events per day, including bat/bar mitzvahs, weddings, anniversaries, luncheons, corporate, and more. The special thing about Saint Germain Catering is that it’s 10O percent woman owned even though some of the employees are men.

In addition to restaurant, home, and auditorium catered events, Saint Germain Catering offers picnic and barbeque events. Barbeque and picnic events are popular with Father’s Day and graduation celebrations. Whatever the occasion, Saint Germain has creative desserts that’ll delight anyone. Saint Germain can help with weddings, engagement parties, baby showers, and even after funeral meals.

Mina Ebrahimi is interested in other things in addition to food service. Ebrahimi is concerned with curing cancer in humans and animals. Awhile back, Mina Ebrahimi’s Golden Retriever was diagnosed with a rare form of heart cancer. Ms. Ebrahimi went to Upenn Vet to get medical treatment for Maggie. Ebrahimi met Karin Sorenmo, who attempted to try some breast cancer medications on Maggie. Another vet who treated Maggie prior to Sorenmo, said the dog only had a week to live. Sorenmo is not someone who would give up so quickly on the canine.