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Market America CEO JR Ridinger winning business model

JR Ridinger is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Market America. Market America is a company that sells its product through online channels. He is also the CEO of, a price comparison company and creator of UnFranchice® Business Development System.


Through JR Ridinger’s leadership, Market America has over 180,000 independent consultants and UnFranchise when combined, generate over $2.2 billion in sales every year.


Those who copied his way of doing business are now smiling all the way to the bank. As of December 2010, his business model had made over 300 self-made millionaires generating over $2.2 billion in sales and commissions.


JR Ridinger way of doing business is unique but useful. He has turned Market America into an all-season business, generating income whether the economy is down or at its peak. This has made Ridinger the most admired entrepreneur all over America.


As an entrepreneur, he knows that without risks there will be no gains. In 2010, he made an unexpected move and acquired This move ushered him head-on to e-commerce world, where he is swimming along with sharks the likes of Amazon among others.


Market America CEO JR Ridinger also has that heart of giving back. He has participated in numerous charities such as Rally for Kids with Cancer, the Jennifer Lopez Foundation among other philanthropic activities.


But he never sidelined his fellow entrepreneurs. Market America CEO runs a blog, where he shares his knowledge and expertise on how to start and maintain a successful business