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Louis Chenevert: Entrepreneur And Corporate Veteran

There are some people who are born into a financial life, which prominent members of the family being successful or owning their own companies. For others, the climb is substantially harder and it takes a lot of dedication to see it through. Born in 1958, Louis Chenevert grew up in Canada with a desire to achieve great things in his life, despite his rather humble beginnings. Over the years, Louis Chenevert’s motivation drew him to the manufacturing industry, which is where he started to experience his first taste of true success. Today, Louis is still an advisor for Goldman Sachs and he resides as United Technology’s CEO.

United Technologies is one of the few long-lasting manufacturing companies out there today, thanks to Louis Chenevert’s impressive leadership and innovative strategies. The majority of manufacturing companies that were around back in the 50’s, such as Zenith and Philco, have suffered from the times and gone bankrupt or closed up shop. United Technologies has more than just scared by though, they are one of the top manufacturing corporations around the world with estimated assets of more than $60 billion. Louis can be credited with the companies enormous growth thanks to a few decisions he made a long time ago.

Chenevert made serious pushes in the aerospace industry, which turned out to be a great investment for United Technologies, a decision Louis credits to one of his partners at a prior company that pushed him to focus on aerospace. Louis Chenevert first became a chairman at United Technologies back in 2006 and he is responsible for the full development of the GTF Engine. This engine is used in roughly 70 different aircraft, but it took more than 10 years and 10 billion dollars to fully develop. At the end of the day, this was a good move and impressive accomplishment for Louis that has had major implications in aircraft around the world.