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Kimberly Bakker Shares Tips For The Perfect Holiday Party


An entrepreneur and businesswoman, Kimberly Bakker has made a tremendous name for herself. A native of San Francisco has more than a decade and a half of experience working as a leader. Bakker has a unique skill set that has helped her to build an impressive resume during the last two decades.

Kimberly Bakker is a graduate of USC where she majored in business. As a student she was named one of the nations Outstanding Seniors while working as the Director of Sales and Marketing for the L’ermitage Hotels. During her career Kimberly Bakker has had the responsibility of working in several major positions including working as as an event planner, fundraiser and PR account executive. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Children of Shelters and Blue Star Music Camp along with other companies.

Among Bakker’s many talents is event planning. Kimberly Bakker believes she knows just what it will take to make your holiday party just right. Her list of tips for creating a great party starts with creating a list. A list serves as your lifeline for producing a great party. It may often feel old school, but a list will keep you on track and prevent you from leaving any major parts out. The list can be on paper, on your computer or on your phone. Whatever works best for you.

Kimberly Bakker’s next tip is to be a gracious host. Being a host is a demanding job. It requires lots of patience. Baker advises hosts to take a moment to enjoy the party and your company. When you do feel stressed, take a moment to smile and handle the situation in a gracious manner.

Kimberly Bakker’s other tips for hosting a great party include paying homage to your past, allowing time for great conversation and manage challenging personalities. If you follow the tips of the expert planner, you will be well on your way to a great holiday party. See Related Link for more information.


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