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Kim Dao Visits Her Grandparents and Bonds With Aslan

Kim Dao has just returned from Amsterdam last night. She wanted to edit some videos but realized she left her camera at her cousin’s house. She will be doing some recording today. Her plan is to relax. She is about to take a shower and tend to her hair.


Kim Dao has just gotten out of the shower. She is about to eat leftover pizza from last night for her lunch. She spends some time with the dog, Aslan. She has some food at a restaurant. She has some waffles.


It is another day in Denmark and Kim Dao is about to go out with her cousins to visit her grandparents at their grave sites. She will be playing Pokemon. She eats a macaroon for breakfast. It is the best one she has ever had. She eats another one. She is on her way out for an hour. Kim Dao has made it back. She sees Aslan waiting for her and wants to go outside. She went to Circle K while she was out visiting her grandparents and picked up some hot dogs. She also picked up a blueberry smoothie and a bottle of water. Aslan rests on her shoulders. Learn more:


It is the next morning. Kim Dao feels like she has been slacking on her filming. She went Pokemon hunting with her cousin yesterday. She plans on going to Sweden. Kim Dao goes out to hunt for Pokemons and gets some tea and dinner. It is the next morning. She didn’t end the video from last night because they got back in late.