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Chinese-based digital retailer, otherwise known as Jingdong Mall, is quite the busy bee. The e-commerce giant has not only expanded its innovative drone delivery service, but is also expanding its product offerings into the realm of high-fashion. These developments go to show that Jingdong is a multi-faceted company wearing many hats.

Among its numerous accolades Jingdong is considered the cutting edge for autonomous technology. The company has been conducting commercial drone deliveries for two years now. It uses AI in its numerous facilities and is even testing a driverless delivery truck. Despite this forward thinking it is’s drone service that carries the biggest ‘wow’ factor. While all other e-commerce and innovative companies are still in the trial phase, Jingdong has been making unmanned deliveries via drone for two years to certain parts of China. The service has proven a useful solution to accessibility woes as well as other services that reach further than retail.

In a joint venture with Japanese company Rakuten, is offering its drone technology to accelerate Rakuten’s unmanned delivery program past the trial phase. Rakuten started their drone service in 2016. The service is designed to provide delivery solutions to remote mountainous areas, much like Indonesia’s drone program is designed to provide delivery solutions to remote island areas. used its drones to complete the first unmanned commercial trial for Indonesia. The local government is working with Jingdong to explore drone usage for retail and emergency purposes.

On the fashion side the Beijing-based e-commerce provider has merged its Toplife fashion platform with global tech provider Farfetch Limited. The partnership is an effort to expand both company’s fashion market. Farfetch will be able to bring its fashion platform to a new region, and will provide its users with access to over 3,000 top-line fashion brands. Go Here for related Information.

The merger allows Farfetch priority access through’s mobile app and webpage. This allows its huge consumer base to connect to luxury fashion brands and boutiques using Farfetch’s platform. They can then order items using Jingdong Mall’s stellar delivery system.


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