Business · E-Commerce · · JINGDONG MALL · Marketing · Online Marketing · Online Store A Green Company, or as it is colloquially known Jingdong Mall, has been an advocate for the advancement of the environment for some years now. Their previous attempts to “go green” have been well-publicized. One of the first things that they did in their step towards making a more environmentally conscious company was to work on the packing material that they offer in their packages. is an online retailer that provides a variety of items to their customers, much like their Western contemporary Amazon. The difference between and Amazon is that does not rely on outside delivery services to provide their items. JD an expansive network of delivery vehicles and distribution centers. This was where their green initiative first took flight.


In Shanghai, they unveiled a project to use alternatively powered vehicles. They now possess both a fleet of delivery vehicles that utilize hydrogen power and solar power. While this is a very impressive feat, it is but one of the methods that has employed to help foster the revival of the environment. Their packaging system, in general, has become the subject of much debate when it comes to how recyclable it is. This was when they put into motion the project that would support the development of products that were 80% recyclable. Now, packing materials for possess this trait.


The most recent initiative for has been there recyclable shipping containers that can be used for multiple deliveries. While they only offer small and medium packages at this time, it is poised to save a staggering amount of resources. has already started offering this package type in bigger cities but they hope to expand to smaller ones as the initiative catches on. It is currently a free service that customers can elect to engage in should they want to do their part for the environment. Go Here for more information.


Anyone interested in learning more about this project can view the details at’s corporate blog. The article is entitled “ Launches New Reusable Package Initiative”. While it is still in progress, the results of such a change would be a very desirable chapter in the work being done to preserve the environment.


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