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Jana Lightspeed allows propositions to be cleared through business alteration with the assistance of other executives and professionals. When a piece of wood is chopped from a tree, the individual may use certain tools. Tools can be used to chop wood. If the wood is already chopped, it is easier to use. When wood is a brown color, it shows the tree is healthy and contains the correct nutrients. In order to access a tree, the tree must be within view. Once the tree is within view, campers can supply certain successful elements.

Once the height of the tree is determined, the camper can ask themselves a few questions. The camper may think about the tools they will need to chop the tree. Campers may question whether or not they should chop down the tree. The camper may realize the tree will not continue to live if they chop it down. When the camper is looking straight up at the tree, they may need to look at the branches. Once the camper looks at the branches, they may look at the leaves. The branches connect to the leaves. The branches have a rough surface with many small indentations. The branches of the tree are unique and developed in accordance with the rest of the tree.

Each tree has their own set of leaves. The tree leaves can be many colors. When the tree leaves are green, the plant is healthy. When the tree leaves are dark green, the plant is also healthy. When the leaves are yellow, the tree has begun producing colorful nutrients. When the leaves are orange, the tree has continued its successful nutrient development. When more than one individual looks at a tree, they can speak about it together.