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Information on Greg Aziz and National Steel Car

This will address information about a businessman named Gregory James Aziz. He is the founder of a company called National Steel Car. The company has had one hundred years of commitment to quality, manufacturing, as well as engineering. Also, it has received a name as the leading tank car and railroad freight manufacture in North America. Finally, it’s cornerstone of the company is the people.


The company has a lot going for them. For example, they have wonderful integrity and commitment of the 2,000 team members who work for them. They also have relationships they value with their suppliers. They also take pride in building the best. Also, they are trusted and known for putting together quality racecars.


Gregory James Aziz is the CEO, President, and Chairman as well of National Steel car. Aziz was born in 1949 on the date of April 30th, in London, Ontario. This company is located in Hamilton, Ontario. This company is one of the leading manufacturing and railroad freight companies leading in the world. In his early work-life, he worked at Affiliated Foods which was the wholesale food business. The company became a fresh food worldwide importer from South and Central America, and Europe as well.


In the early 90s and end of the 80s, James Aziz had worked on many New York investment banking opportunities. Aziz was then able to put together the buying of National Steel car in 1994 from a steel company in Hamilton called Dofasco. Aziz was able to transform this such company into the lead railroad freight car manufacture in North America. Employment in this company had grown over the same time from about 600 people to about 3,000 people. Also, the company had moved up its capability of manufacturing from 3,500 cars each year at the purchase time. It then spread in 1999 to an amount of 12,000 cars.

Gregory James Aziz shown deep dedication to the community in the city of Hamilton. He has donated to many places. For example, he gave to the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, and Theatre Aquarius. He also donated to charities that were closely located. Also, he and his wife Irene sponsor the famous agricultural fair called the royal agricultural fair. Finally, there is an annual event called the National Steel Car Christmas Party. This is where thousands of present and past employees join in on donating to a food drive.


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