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Information About the Leadership of Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz has handled the matter at the National Steel Car since he took the leadership of the organization 15 years ago. Gregory Aziz pursued his education at one of the known institutions in London called University of Western in Ontario. The skills that he gained in the arena of economics has marked his position that he has occupied in many organizations. Greg has put the National Steel Car at the admirable point in the market of North America on matters of production of the railroad materials of freight manufacturing of cars.

Gregory J Aziz gained the passion in the field of business while acting as the assistant in the family business called Affiliated Foods. He committed much of his time is strategizing for the best ways of putting the company at the peak of the market. The great skills that he showcased in the position he was serving made him promoted to the post of manager in the firm. He then propelled the market to the higher point after heightening the matters of the importation. Affiliated Foods under the leadership of the Gregory James Aziz became the top importer of the fresh produce in Europe. Furthermore, some of the customers of the company which were based on the other parts of the world began to access the products after the firm broke the boundaries into the international market.

There are several investments that Gregory had made in in the 1980s and 1990s. The returns he made him acquire possession of the National Steel Car in 1994. He then placed all the necessary steps needed for the firm to occupy the apex on the matters of freight manufacturing and railroad materials. The firm then set in place an excellent team of experts to steer the system of the National Steel Car to the required niche. All the new recruits in the company were made sure that they are qualified in their respective level.


The adoption of the modern means of technology has led to the perfection of the market by the company. It has been dominating the market in the region of North America for 15 years. Gregory James Aziz as a leader of the company has registered the firm under the requirement of the ISO on in the production of the railroads’ materials. The move has won the trust of many in the market in terms of the quality of the services by the National Steel Car. Go To This Page for more information.