Film Producer

Heather Parry, President of Production, Film, and Television at Live Nation Productions

Heather Parry is a veteran TV and film producer, a strategic investor, and an innovative force in the entertainment industry. She is currently the president of film and TV production at Live Nation. She has held several other roles in global filming companies such as Happy Madison where she was the head of films production and head of films at MTV films, formerly MTV News. Heather has sharp insights into the filming industry, and has led major record-breaking movie campaigns yielding to over $1 billion in global sales. She is known for her deep insights into consumer behavior and her excellent movie marketing skills.

Heather Parry

Having gathered vast experience from her previous roles in MTV and Happy Madison, Heather Perry finally found her home at Live Nation. To no surprise, she started delivering impressive results with her first filming works with the company. She has blended her love for music and cinema to provide epic documentaries such as Eagles of Death and Five Foot Two, featuring celebrity musicians such as Lady Gaga. Proving that her work is excellent, the musical documentaries were nominated for two awards which are a great pride for her and the entire company at large. The company is set to release numerous comedy movies and music documentaries in 2019.

Currently, Heather Parry, and Live Nation Productions is working on a set of music documentary films, featuring famous artists. A star is Born is the latest release by Live Nation Productions. Bradley Cooper directs the film, and Lady Gaga is the starring. The romantic musical film was released by Warner Bros pictures on 3rd, October, 2018. With a budget close to $5 million the documentary is focused on unveiling the artists behind the music and join them on a spiritual and emotional journey. The movie received excellent ratings from the critics and has received numerous accolades.