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Gregory James Aziz Conquers the Wilderness

I have a feeling that if Lewis and Clarke were the ones exploring Canada, they never would have come back alive. While the Canadian people may be some of the most pleasant people on the planet, the environment in which they live is perhaps one of the most hostile. Statistics show that 80% of the Canadian population live within 100 miles of the Canadian and American border. This is because anything further north is to hostile and dangerous for human life. The great White North still remains untamed.

Many different kinds of companies have tried to transport goods in the great White North. The Navy at one time thought they could do it but was unable to get through the icy sea. Truck drivers attempted the great White North of found their truck sinking into the snow and falling into the lakes and being frozen to the ground on a consistent basis. There is only one industry that has been able to stabilize transport in this area of snow and that industry is the railway industry.


The most prominent company in Canada with in the rail industry is National Steel Car. They secured the prominent spot as the main leader of the industry by constantly being innovative and creating new products to meet customer needs. This creativity has allowed National Steel Car to gain the vast majority of the market share when it comes to transporting goods.


National Steel Car owes its innovation to Gregory James Aziz. Greg James Aziz brought his innovative genius to National Steel Car after he graduated from Western University. He personally coached the various leaders of his company’s departments and taught them how to think creatively. Gregory James Aziz challenged them to build their dream railcar.


These departments work in a harmonious nature airplane off one another in order to create this custom rail car. Once they were finished, they had a railcar that was instantly changeable. This railcar functions as a common denominator to all businesses. Depending on your businesses need, National Steel Car could add various attachments to their railcar to transport your specific the in the safest way possible. This led them to be calm more environmentally efficient, and well-rounded.


National Steel Car has been the recipient of several honors over the years. It has the rare distinction of winning the TTX Supplier Evaluation Committee awards and the ISO:90001 2008 certification for a consecutive 18 times. This organization values its workforce and considers them its most crucial element for success.


National Steel Car has been conducting business in Canada for over 100 years. With their spirit of innovation continuing is seems there is no end in sight for this great company.  Go Here for more information.