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Greg Aziz Saved Thousands Of Jobs In The 90s With His Purchase Of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is at the helm of North America’s leading producer a railroad freight cars. At National Steel Car he works as the owner and CEO. Aziz was born in 1949 in London, Canada and is now CEO of a company based just outside where he was raised. He gained his education from the University of Western Ontario.

After working with his family’s business, Affiliated Foods, he moved to New York to pursue a career in banking and investing. During his time in New York he began talks with Dofasco to purchase National Steel Car. The deal came through in 1994, and Greg J. Aziz was able to purchase the company. However, the company wasn’t performing at its peeks. The entire freight car industry was going through a slump.

Greg Aziz made the much needed changes to not only insure the survival of the company, but make it an industry leader. Thanks to James Aziz, National Steel Car can call itself the #1 freight car producer in all of North America.


The company was founded in 1912, so it is obvious that it has been through its ups and downs. Less than a year after its creation, its name was changed to National Steel Car from its original name, Imperial Steel Car. Over its 100 year plus history, National Steel Car has secured deals with the Canadian Northern Railway, the Canadian Pacific Railway, and even CSX out of the United States. It also works alongside Union Pacific, Nova Chemicals, Shell Canada, and Dow Chemicals.


Before the company was the industry leader it was today, it was purchased by Dofasco in 1962. Some could argue that Dofasco purchased a failing company; others would say Dofasco is the reason for its decline. None the less, in 1994, the company was saved by James Aziz.


Thanks to Gregory Aziz, hundreds of people in his local area were kept employed at National Steel Car. In fact, employment numbers have never been higher in the entire history of National Steel Car. Production numbers are looking positive as well. Click Here for more information.


Greg Aziz doesn’t only help his community by running one of the biggest factories in the province. He also supports theatrical productions in the area such as those at Theatre Aquarius.