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Event Planner Kimberly Bakker Drops Some Tips On How To Host A Holiday Party


Kimberly Bakker is a prominent event planner in California’s Bay Area.

Her company is named Kimberly Bakker Events (KBE) and she both plans events for clients through this company and offers consulting services. She established this firm in 2000 and counts among her clients Sutter Hill Ventures, Moet & Chandon, and Louis Vuitton.

The holiday season is coming on fast. Kimberly Bakker knows what it’s like to juggle being a parent, managing a job, and carrying on a social life. She offered some tips to help people host a fantastic party that will reduce much of the associated stress. This will allow hosts to enjoy the holidays instead of being frazzled by last-minute distractions.

The first, most essential step Kimberly Bakker says is to create some lists. You need to put down the people you’re inviting, all of your to-dos, and the menu you will be serving. Kimberly Bakker says you would be best served by having multiple lists, each one devoted to a specific topic. This is easier to manage than one single comprehensive list.

It’s not always easy being a gracious host, she says. It can be difficult to keep your patience but something that helps her is taking a step back, relaxing, and enjoying her guests. Think about how you’re celebrating another milestone in your life, Kimberly Bakker advises. Find More Information Here.

She also says that you should delegate responsibilities where possible. A better party can be achieved if other people are helping out with various tasks and so if someone offers help be willing to take it. Kimberly Bakker says that it will reduce your stress during the party if there are some people who can take over things that you aren’t able to get to.


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