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Event Planner And Consultant Kimberly Bakker Lays Out Tips For A Successful Holiday Party


Kimberly Bakker Events was established by its namesake in 2000. This San Francisco-based firm offers event planning and consulting services. As a professional party planner, Kimberly Bakker knows all about balancing work and family while trying to get a Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve party put together and pulled off successfully.

Her most important tip takes place long before the party starts. Kimberly Bakker says that creating lists for each detail that needs to be handled is crucial. Write down who you are inviting, what you will be serving, and any other to-dos. It doesn’t matter if you put this on your phone, in a Google doc, or going old-fashioned and writing it down with a pen as long as lists are created.

Kimberly Bakker likes to use heirloom pieces during any event but especially during the holidays. Things that have been handed down over the generations through a family brings the past to life and gives people something to talk about. She says it doesn’t have to be anything ornate like a silverware set as even a handed-down Christmas tree ornament is valuable.

Giving people space to have conversations is important at a holiday party. Kimberly Bakker says that having Christmas music on is fine but it shouldn’t distract from more important things. She says if you are going to have music on then put it at a low volume that people can talk over in a normal tone of voice. See This Page for related information.

“Momtrepreneur” Kimberly Bakker also says that you shouldn’t refuse other people’s help. Delegate tasks where you can so that everything gets handled without stress. This also helps the host enjoy their own party more and be able to talk to others instead of constantly running around.


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