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Down To Earth Carsten Thiel

Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin, Germany. He attended the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. His studies focused on organic chemistry and his specialty is in biochemistry. Carsten Thiel also earned a PhD in Molecular Biology from the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry. During his studies he focused on the topic of how a protein is involved in the process of changing cells from healthy to becoming cancerous.


After completing his studies, he worked as the Communications and Product Manager at Hoffman la-Roche. He then began working in scientific marketing and assessment. Carsten Thiel is behind the marketing of many pharmaceutical products. When he works, Carsten sets his standard with a code of ethics that he follows and humanity.


He begins his day with having breakfast with his family. He then checks his messages and watches the headlines for international news. Once at work he spends a quarter of his time meeting with the board members of the company and company investors. He takes the time to spend time with the customers, the doctors who buys his products, and even the users of his product. Thiel emphasizes the importance of spending a part of his day interacting with all employees of the company.


Team work and effort is what makes him a successful leader. Being a respectable leader entails earning respect of everyone involved. In order to achieve his set goals Thiel saw the importance of everyone making a collaborative effort. When bringing new ideas to reality he listens to the findings and opinions of all team members. Carsten Thiel is excited at how technology helps to treat illness and prevent diseases.


According to Carsten Thiel, technology is improving wellness care. An example of this was how quickly a human genome can be decoded. In the past it would take decades to accomplish, and with technological advancement it now only takes four days. Go Here for additional information.