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Doe Deere Is The Founder Of Poppy Angeloff And An Entrepreneur Who Inspires Women To Be Themselves

Doe Deere is the creator of the jewelry company Poppy Angeloff, which focuses on helping younger girls to express themselves through vibrant colors. Deere has also been called the “Unicorn Queen,” and has continued to make a splash through her company. She put together Poppy Angeloff after looking into what it would take to build a company based on vintage-styled jewelry. Her sister helped to inspire her to to take the final steps towards making the company a reality, and Deere is glad she did.

Doe Deere decided to make jewelry that is inspired by the Victorian era. She now works to create heirloom-quality jewelry that anyone can wear. Before putting together Poppy, Deere had created the successful company Lime Crime Cosmetics. That company is a Vegan cosmetic brand that has found massive success. Doe Deere has commented that she knew her idea was outside of the box and that her knowledge of the cosmetic industry was very limited. Instead of letting that stop her, she worked with her husband who helped to find a manufacturer who was willing to work with a small company.

Doe Deere worked with Lime Crime Cosmetics for a decade and then sold the company. Her husband and herself are still involved with Lime Crime, but Deere’s main focus is now on Poppy. She admits that she gets excited when she sees her company growing, and she also loves to get letters from her customers. Deere has served as an example for aspiring female entrepreneurs and is glad she has shown people how to live without having to apologize for themselves.

While Doe Deere has found success as an adult, her younger life was very challenging. She lived in a homeless shelter for two years when she first came to the United States and was just barely getting by with small jobs. She believes that any entrepreneur can benefit by pretending they are a customer. This helps them to walk in the shoes of their customers and can be very eye opening. It is her hope that more women will begin to embrace who they are, through and through, and she plans on continuing to help them do so through her creative brands.