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Clayton Hutson Finds Multiple Successes As Tour Manager

When you go to see a play or a concert your focus is usually on the actors and actresses or singer and/or band up on the stage. The stars of the show are the reason that we shell out our hard earned money on such a regular basis. But, what we fail to realize is that without a top notch sound crew working diligently behind the scenes, you would never experience a concert or a show in the same magical way again. That is where people like Clayton Hutson fall into the mix. Hutson is a successful sound engineer and production manager for live performances all over the world. His services include production design and management, logistics management, rigging and even serves as a music producer to some artists among many other talents. Acoustics are hard enough to control in a studio environment not to mention in an open space surrounded by thousands of screaming fans. On top of all of these already time consuming tasks, Clay Hutson is also a tour manager. He was very recently the tour manager for the lead singer of Staind, Aaron Lewis and has worked with other big names in the past such as Marilyn Manson as recent as just ten short years ago. In August of last year, he even has the opportunity to work for OneRepublic’s Honda Civic Tour. This pivotal role in day to day operations comes with a variety of other responsibilities which include but are not limited to, keeping the performances on schedule, ensuring that all the needs of the performers are met, and making sure all loose ends are tied up which in the music industry is an entire job on its own. He must also always keep up with the latest and greatest sound engineering technology which is always changing so that the artists he is working with have the absolute highest quality sound available on the market today. It is certain that without Hutson working his hardest day in and day out, the musical acts he is associated with would not go as smoothly as they do now. So they next time you go to see your favorite musician or band perform in a sold out arena or see the latest and greatest Broadway show, be sure to take some time to remember that there are dozens of unsung heroes behind the scenes whom without your experience and enjoyment would not be possible. Learn more: