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Carsten Thiel Leader In Global Business

Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin, Germany and studied Chemistry at Philipps University in Marburg. He went on to study in the U.K. and finished his formal education with a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology.Carsten Thiel became a leader in global business and has been the VP and CEO of different companies including one that is a leading gene and cell therapy company. As an executive, he became known for his experience in driving top/bottom-line growth in global companies.

Carsten Thiel’s is known for his leadership and through his professional experience, he has been successful in launching various high-profile medical products. While in an international leadership position he oversaw the launch of a new weight loss product taking particular care in constructing a realistic and credible offer to prescribers he made the product sales promising and Xenical was on a steady incline.

While in the leadership role in the biochemistry industry Carsten Thiel was expected to make certain choices for the betterment of patients and to focus on the long-term success of a product. Along came Vectibix offering treatment for patients with colorectal cancer. Carsten proposed to launch this product by first requesting providers to test each potential patient with the biomarker test so that only the patients who did well on this test could be recommended the therapy. In this way, Thiel thought patients and their physicians would benefit more and as a result, the medical community embraced this patient-centric launch approach. See Related Link to learn more.

Technology has always played a great role when it comes to medical care and as medicine and biochemistry take great strides in advancing toward the future such focused leaders like Thiel are determined to make the future safe and sure for all patients in need of medical care. As time goes on with leaders like this in global business one can be sure that both physicians and patients will benefit.


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