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Canine-Assisted Therapy Is On The Rise, According To Roseann Bennett

Roseann Bennett; Co-Founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment, is just one of the therapists who are using dogs to help patients.


Almost everyone loves dogs, especially children. The benefits of having a pet are widely reported on. In fact, millions of people feel the effects of having a pet every day. Dogs are now being used in even greater ways to help with people’s mental issues. These are the reasons dogs are being used as a form of therapy. This is how they are helping countless lives get through their day-to-day lives.


Bennett, who doesn’t turn clients away because they don’t have the ability to pay, tries to find new and innovative methods to help her clients along with tried-and-true methods. While working with children, she first became interested in Canine-Assisted Therapy.


In children, dogs are a calming companion. Children are free to be themselves around dogs because dogs do not judge them. Making a child comfortable is the first step to having them open up to you.


Jack is the name of Roseann Bennett’s therapy dog. She uses it as a way to relax her patients and make them feel welcome. This makes her clients put their guard down, allowing her to better communicate without reclusive behavior taking over. Jack is typically only used in a need-to basis. Roseann Bennett prefers to use other strategies when she can.


Therapy dogs shouldn’t be confused with service dogs: they aren’t the same thing. Service dogs are taught to help those with physical disabilities. Therapy dogs are meant to help on an emotional level. People with autism and anxiety disorders are some of the prime examples of people who may benefit from a dog being in their therapy sessions. Refer to This Article for more information.


Elaine Smith is credited with beginning this practice after she noticed a dog was making her clients cheerful and happy. She expanded on this idea, creating a program that had dogs travel from facility to facility greeting patients. This was in 1976.


Roseann Bennett uses therapy dogs because their effectiveness in fighting depression, calming a person, and reducing anxiety has been well-documented over the years.



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