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Bob Reina Unveils Talk Fusion’s Latest Update To Its Popular Live Meetings Program

Talk Fusion recently unveiled an updated version of its popular Live Meetings computer program, and Bob Reina, CEO and founder of the company, was on-hand to make the announcement. Live Meetings allows its users to send one-way videos or conduct conferences that are video-based on a smooth platform that can host up to 500 people who can connect through a PC, smartphone, or tablet. What’s nice about the new version is that users don’t have to install Adobe Flash Software or download anything else at all. It’s all done through a web browser.


This continuance and upgrading of a great product is keeping Talk Fusion on top of its industry, and Bob Reina recently talked more about the importance of the WebRTC technology that the platform uses. WebRTC allows users to talk to each other through any modern browser, and it has taken out a lot of the headaches and difficulties people have had with lesser technologies. Its extremely clear and crisp video as well as excellent audio is enabling users to communicate better, and the program does all of this while maintaining top-of-the-line security for anyone who is accessing it. A stand-out feature of the program is that it allows users to access a “waiting room” where they can test it out before people can hear or see them. Learn more:


Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, and the people who work closely with him know that he has a welcoming sense of humor. On top of this quality, Reina is known for his disciplined work ethic and commitment to creating quality products and services. As someone who as always been a hard worker, he worked multiple jobs while studying at the University of Florida where he eventually graduated at the top of his police academy class. After serving as a patrolman for a time, he realized he wanted to be an entrepreneur, instead. It was his passion for marketing that eventually helped him to combine an idea about video marketing and sales into the company Talk Fusion.


Bob Reina is successful as an entrepreneur because he has always been vocal about his dreams and ideas. He has expressed that people who don’t share their ideas with other people don’t get too far, because they never actually turn them into something solid and real. His vision has always been to make Talk Fusion a multi-dimensional company that stays on top of its industry by bringing fresh marketing solutions to the people who truly need them, and this he has done continuously.