Betsy DeVos- From Polite To Political Fighter

Just a few short hours before the president was about to publicly rescind a policy that is on the federal level which allowed any transgender students in public schools to use whichever bathroom they want, his Secretary of Education decided to have a meeting with influential people in the transgender community. Betsy DeVos has not been the education secretary for long. However, she felt it necessary to meet with representatives of the transgender world in the department of education in order to warn them about what the president was about to do.


While Betsy was warning the respresentatives of the coming changes, an aid of hers was telling them that she was against the change in the first place. However, she had given no signs beforehand in the public that she was against this change or even aware of it.


Anyone who knows anything about Mrs. DeVos knows that she has been a huge advocate for school voucher programs and charter schools. Both she and her husband are big donors for the Republican party and she was the former chairwoman for the Michigan branch of the Republican Party.


While she has had many setbacks along the way trying to push changes in policies that she feels are important, it hasn’t stopped her. She may be a polite person on a day-to-day basis. However, when it comes to her passions with education, she can be a huge political fighter. In her hometown of Grand Rapids, she has a reputation about being a relentless, driven and effective fighter in the political realm.


To fight for her passions, she uses her inherited family fortune, the help of her husband and her love of education to keep going. When it comes to politics in Michigan, she has put some fear in a lot of people and it is not just because she has a vast fortune to back her up. When she has a goal in mind, she will work hard to attain it.


The DeVos’ On Their Philanthropy


It has never been a huge shock at the amount of money that the DeVos give out to their charities and the Republican Party. They do get a lot of criticism and attention for the amount they give. Recently, it has come to light just how much money they have given away in all charitable contributions combined. It is estimated that they have given more than $140 million over the course of their lifetimes.


Both Dick and Betsy DeVos are part of respective family dynasties. Their whole family has been huge players for the Republican party for many decades. With use of data that was supplied by the family, Forbes has calculated that with the addition of extended family, the DeVos have give away almost $1.5 billion in charitable and political contributions all together.


When you look closely at their philanthropy, you will see that education is a top priority for both Dick and Betsy. They feel that all students deserve the right to a good education regardless of their family’s financial ability to pay.


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