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Article Title: Healthcare Investor Ara Chackerian has won the Hearts of Many through Philanthropy

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Based in San Francisco, Ara Chackerian has been one of the prolific entrepreneurs and investor with an experience of over 25 years in the health sector. Besides he is an active participant of Philanthropy missions across United States and other parts of the world. Contributing to his vast knowledge was the Bachelor of Science degree he attained in University of Florida. Since completion of his studies, Ara Chackerian has co-founded different industries in the fields of healthcare and pharmaceuticals. He has found success in the realm of other competitive health care startups in the country. As much as his focus is in the healthcare industry he is devoted to support and promote the environment conservancy by observing sustainability.

Through his experience in the healthcare industry, he has started the companies PipelineRx, BMC Diagnostics and TMS Health Solutions that all deals with FDA approved medical solutions. Still in his experience, Ara Chackerian worked in an international supplier of health products PSS/World Medical as the Vice President where he served in the position for several years. Over the two decades as a health care entrepreneur, he has assisted many young health startups to make revolutionary changes in the industry. As the world continue to be more aware of the technological advancements, Ara Chackerian seeks to integrate the technological solutions into healthcare through implementation and awareness. Today, his companies have helped streamline the healthcare industry through provision of a myriad of healthcare solutions to patients.

Above all, Chackerian has been known to give back to the community through charity missions across the world. He has invested heavily in supporting the youth to pursue education through non-profit charity organizations in different countries such as Nicaragua, U.S and Armenia. As he participates in such philanthropic actions, he also supports environmental conservation through. Programs such as the Limonapa Teak farm have helped in promotion of environmental stewardship as well as creating a pool of jobs to thousands of Nicaraguans.

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