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Anthony Constantinou: Researching About The Bayesian AI


The Queen Mary University of London is one of the most prestigious schools in the United Kingdom. The school management is known for hiring only the best individuals in their faculty, and one of them is Anthony Constantinou who also serves as the lecturer assistant professor and is currently the University’s Head of the Bayesian Artificial Intelligence.


When he was in college, he attended the University of Hertfordshire, where he took up a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, and he selected Artificial Intelligence as his specialization. He studied for his Bachelor of Science degree from 2005 to 2008, and later on, he took up a Master of Science degree in AI with Robotics. He graduated in 2009, and he later took up a doctor of philosophy degree. He had to finish his doctorate for three years, and he ended up becoming successful with his studies.


Anthony Constantinou is known for his works in the field of Bayesian AI. He is interested in the subject, and he focuses his time and energy on researching the benefits of the field of study. He is also credited for the discoveries attributed with the subject, and he is also known to work with other scientists around the world, sharing ideas and recommendations on how he could make his work better. Many organizations around the world have been commending him for his contributions in the field of robotics, and he is also receiving financial assistance and investments to those who also wanted to see how the project unfolds. Visit This Page for more information about Constantinou.


His career in the United Kingdom revolved around the academe, and he stated that he would never stop serving the university because he wanted to prove something. Anthony Constantinou is looking forward to more research works attributed to his study about the capabilities and the advantages of developing the Bayesian AI.


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