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Anthony Constantinou: An Academic And Consultant


Anthony Constantinou is head of the Bayesian Artificial Intelligence Research Lab, although that is just one of his many accomplishments and credentials. He holds a PhD in Bayesian Artificial Intelligence and is a professor in Machine Learning and Data Mining at Queen Mary University of London. Constantinou is able to spread his knowledge while being able to influence a new generation of students. This is not, however, the only way he is able to influence the world around him.

At the same time he works as a consultant in ratings systems and Bayesian Networks, which is to say that he collaborates with organizations around the world with making intelligent decision making under uncertainty. This often includes the sports betting industry. Constantinou uses Bayesian AI in order to model certain problems, to allow the people that he consults to make improved decisions. There are actually multiple sports betting ventures that Constantinou consults.

Using his own academic theories, Anthony Constantinou is able to get positive results with improved decision making. Besides the sports betting industry, he also serves as a consultant to a multitude of companies. He is able to use his knowledge of Ratings Systems in order to help companies make the most positive decisions possible under duress. This consulting often leads to companies saving large amounts of money and setting up their business for long term success. His help often shapes the futures of multi billion companies. See Related Link for additional information about Anthony Constantinou.

Anthony Constantinou has a lot going on within his professional career. He is able to shape both academic students and businesses globally with his theories on Bayesian Networks. He is a man of many tasks and will more than likely continue shaping our future world with his expertise.


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