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Alex Pall Of The Chainsmokers Is Opening Up To Fans

Alex and Andrew of the Chainsmokers did an interview within the last year or so about all the success they have had as artists and what they see for themselves moving into the future. According to the Chainsmokers, one of the biggest parts of creating music for them is to explore themselves as artists and as human beings and they want to stay true to that for as long as they create music. While it is nice to be famous and get lots of attention, it is not the reason they began the music production team in the first place.

Both Alex and Andrew have always been interested in music, but they haven’t always been working together. It turns out that Alex was looking for a partner when his previous one left the band, which led to his manager introducing him to Andrew Taggart. Luckily enough, the two of them were basically the same person, with the same interests and taste in music. They both worked as DJ’s as well. Once they began making music together, they have been an inseparable duo ever since. The majority of the duo’s music has been focused on dance and partying, but they have recently been making changes to their musical style over the past year. This is because they want to explore themselves as artists and continue to grow rather than become known for just one thing and lose their artists creativity.

Alex Pall has said that he enjoys being in the position he has today, but it comes with many unwanted intrusions as well. The critics can be brutal at times, forgetting that the Chainsmokers are actually just two people trying to find their way as musicians. Often times people don’t ask for the fame that they get, so they do not always know how to handle it once they have it. Alex and Andrew took a step back the last year to reorient themselves and came back at it geared and ready to go at the start of 2018.