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Alex Pall and His Recent Conversations in Interview Magazine and the Wall Street Journal

Alex Pall as always been an individual with an enormous interest in music. Interestingly enough, he did not get his start playing in a musical group. Instead, he began by DJing in the confines of the New York City area. Although he really enjoyed it, more often than not the gigs were just side work. Eventually, he had an epiphany at an art gallery of all places, and realize that dance music was consuming his life and he thought he should give a career as a dance musician an honest shot. He met fellow DJ Andrew Taggart from Maine and that is when they formed the band The Chainsmokers.

At the very beginning of The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall and his friend Andrew Taggart met for 10 hours each day to work on their musical styles and to determine where they wanted to go with their new band. They realized soon enough that the music they were working on was something incredibly special, and it was something their fans related to on an extremely deep level. Naturally, there comes a time when a band continues to increase in popularity and where their label wants them to release a new album. The one thing that Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart never wanted to do is compromise themselves by having an album full of 12 songs or so that are just thrown together to fill it up. Alex and Andrew want each song on each album just say something to their listeners. That is perhaps one of the reasons why both of these individuals have increased in their personal net worth. Although Alex Paul has never been one for material gain, a recent tour of his home in the Hollywood Hills shows he is not any longer in want very much for anything. Not only is the home hip and trendy, but it was designed by noted home expert Peti Lau. Yes, indeed. Alex Pall can truly say that the music industry has been very good to him.