Academy of Art University blending art and athletics

Athletics and arts have seldom been seen to ‘cook’ in the same pot. However, this seems to be changing thanks to the synergy that has been created by the Academy of Art University in Francisco. In every walk of life, there are specific characteristics that can be pointed out as success contributors. These are the same attributes that can be traced back to both athletics and art. As much as these two have rarely been seen as ‘serious’ disciplines that can prepare one for life, they can, indeed, help propel one with its uniquely similar strengths.

One of the most notable similarities between the two is the ability to help one process criticism. Let’s face it; no one prospers in sports without some form of criticism. The same applies to art. In this sense, the two disciplines help one grown a thick skin for the naysayers and learn to prosper amid opposition.

Athletics and arts also help cultivate solid time management skills. The proverbial saying, ‘practice makes perfect’ fully applies to these two. They help one set priorities and use their time wisely. This can be complemented by the fact that one learns effective communication skills through both athletics and arts as they involve discussions, arguments and agreements.

The Academy of Arts University is revolutionary privately-owned for-profit art college in downtown San Francisco. Founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, the University has 283 full-time tutors and about 12,600 students. This makes it one of the largest art design schools in the U.S.

The school boasts of being one of the biggest owners of property in San Francisco. Despite low graduation rates, the schools have since produced thousands of athletics and art enthusiast who have gone ahead to become brand names in their own right. The school hopes to cultivate a culture of arts and athletics in the United States.

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