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A Look At What Madison Street Capital Does

Madison Street Capital reputation as an outfit with the experience and expertise to do what is promises is on the rise. As a company in the financial industry it has provided its services to mid-sized companies around the world. It has established its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois and over the years has opened new offices in a number of other countries in which its clients do business.
One of the things that Madison Street Capital is most known for is its ability to structure complex contracts as well as designing exit strategies when appropriate. They have a proven ability to match buyers and sellers when companies are looking to be acquired or purchase another company in their industry. They also have the ability to provide their expertise for bankruptcy, corporate governance, and tax compliance. Some of the clients that have availed themselves of Madison Street Capital’s services are Central Iowa Energy and Bond Medical Group.
Today, Madison Street Capital has locations in Chicago, India, and Ghana. When assisting in the sale or purchase of the company their deep experience in assigning the true value to a company is well established ( Other business services they offer to clients are financial reporting, asset management, wealth preservation, and tax planning.
One of the big transactions that Madison Street Capital was recently a part of is a merger between DCG Software Value and Spitfire Group. The executives at Madison Street Capital were the financial advisor to DCG Software Value in this transaction. DCG Software Value is one of the world’s leaders in software analytics while Spitfire Group is a company that specializes in technology and business consulting. When the deal was completed the executives at both companies said working with Madison Street Capital was a pleasure and everything was handled very clearly and professionally.
Madison Street Capital was first established in 2005. Their success in the United States in the mid-sized company market led to the establishment of their Asian and African offices not that many years later.
As a socially responsible company, Madison Street Capital has also supported the United Way during a number of natural disasters that have struck the United States. They offered their support during tragedies in the Midwest as well as those on both the Gulf Coast and East Coast such as during the Sandy storm. In the aftermath of these disasters United Way is involved in helping communities recover. Learn more: