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A Look at How Hussain Sajwani Rose To Prominence

While most people take to self-employment as soon as they can, Hussain Sajwani first took the time to work for someone else. That helped him set the foundation for the successful person he is today. Sajwani began his journey to be the 4th richest Arab, and also being among the top 100 most influential Arabs when he was still young. Born in a middle-class family, Hussain used to spend time after school, helping his entrepreneur father who owned a watch shop. Watching his father run his business, equipped him with the skills that would prove to be incredibly beneficial in his life as a business owner later.

Fortunately, he received a government scholarship that enabled him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering & Economics from the University of Washington. Unlike most students, Hussain did not just wait for his parents to support him financially and instead, he used his free time to sell timeshare apartments. Immediately after graduation, Hussain put his freshly earned skills to practice by working in Abu Dhabi’s finance department. Again, this helped equip him with the much-required skills in running a business.

After a few years, Hussain Sajwani decided to try his business by venturing into the hospitality sector. Here, he established his catering business, and the skills and experience he had earned previously were evident because, after a while, his firm had over 200 projects in a day, with clients from the entire globe including the US military.

Nevertheless, as a businessman, he understood the essence of spreading risks which is why despite his successful catering business, he went ahead to establish a business in real estate. That’s how DAMAC properties were born and looking at the success that this move brought him, there is no doubt that what he did was wise. Today, Damac Properties is no longer a regional but an international real estate business with over 2000 employees. The company has completed over 20,000 projects and a development portfolio of over 44,000 units. Thanks to Hussain unique leadership style, Damac Properties is now one of the most renowned property developers, and its impressive work can be seen through famed projects such as the Trump International Golf Club Dubai.

Thanks to the good foundation that Hussain Sajwani laid while he was still young, today he rubs shoulders with prominent people in the world. For instance, he is a close friend of US president, Donald Trump, and apart from DAMAC, he owns a series of many multi-billion businesses in the hospitality and real estate arenas respectively.

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