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A Day In The Life Of Businesswoman Kimberly Bakker


If you’ve ever attended a high-end event in California there’s a possibility that Kimberly Bakker was behind it. Bakker, a graduate of the University of Southern California and former San Francisco Protocol Officer under the mayor is one of the most revered and respected businesswomen in the country.

In addition to being a mother and running her own event and consulting business “Kimberly Bakker Events”, Bakker also sits on the board of directors for the Children of Shelters and Blue Star Music Camp where she spends her free time giving back to the community.

In 2016, Kimberly Bakker founded The Project for Girls. Girls from all walks of life are interviewed to learn about their unique individual needs. Members are encouraged to read about the experiences of other teenage girls as well as write about their own experiences to share. So, how does this “Momtrepreneur” do it all?

In a sit-down interview with Kimberly Bakker herself, we get to ask her that very question and more.

What does a typical day for Kimberly Bakker look like?

Kimberly Bakker responds by saying that her day begins before the sun is even up, mainly for two reasons, prepare her daughter for school and get her day organized. Spending as much time as she can with her daughter before her busy day is paramount to her mornings says Kimberly Bakker. After cooking her a nutritious breakfast she waits for her caretaker to arrive which then her day begins.

This time allows Bakker to look at her to-do list one last time before committing to it. Once accepted she’s off to the first event of the day where she meets up with her team and delegates the day’s tasks. Organization for anything is key, says Kimberly Bakker, and a list of to-dos leave her feeling less stress and more confident with her decisions. See This Page for related information.

After the day is done and her clients have left home happy and full of great memories Kimberly Bakker makes her way back home where she spends the rest of the night bonding with her daughter.


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